A stack for ideas ready to take flight

Hit the ground running with an integrated stack that takes the hassle out of setup. Focus on launching products and serving your customers!

Tailwind Labs, Inc.

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Every feature you need to build faster.

Fledged.dev provides the complete integrated stack for rapidly building your next big idea. Stop wrestling with setup and focus on creating value.

Beautiful Site, Blog, Docs, & App in Minutes

All-in-one versatile stack. Ship a polished site, blog, docs, changelog, and web app faster than ever.

Integrated Full-Stack Framework on Your Infrastructure

Stop cobbling together disjointed parts. Fledged integrates the entire stack needed to build polished startups with less headaches.

Optimized for Shipping with Speed

Fledged supercharges your development productivity so you can build high-quality sites and apps at warp speed.

Fledged for the Future

Build confidently knowing you have an integrated, production-ready stack on day one. Our curated technologies provide the essentials while avoiding clutter and complexity.

  • Astro. Vite. React.

    Craft stunning UIs faster with reusable components and next generation frontend tooling.

  • Docker

    Simplified deployment and updates.

  • Drizzle

    Object mapper for simplified, type-safe data access.

  • ESLint & Prettier

    Consistent code style and best practices.

  • Lucia

    Add auth and security without the headaches.

  • SQLite

    Local data storage that scales.

  • Tailwind CSS

    Rapidly style sites with utility-first approach.

  • tRPC

    Easily build & consume fully type-safe APIs without schemas or code generation.

  • TypeScript

    Catch bugs early and enhance developer experience.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How do I know the tips are good?

      Our whole business depends on our tips being good, so it’s in our best interest that they are. The results of our customers speak for themselves, just trust us.

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    • How do I explain the money I withdraw from Pocket to the IRS?

      This feels like one-hundred percent a you problem. Pocket is not responsible in any way for your tax returns.

    • How do I become an insider?

      Contact us with some details about your industry and the type of access you have to apply for an insider account. Once approved, we’ll send you a guide on collecting insider information without being detected at work.